Shep has gotten some great advance reviews. We’re excited to share them with you here. If you’ve read the book and want to leave a review, send it in and we’ll post it here.


I just wanted to tell you that I received your signed copy of Shep the Turnpike Dog.  Oh the memories it brought back to me.  I loved it!!  So much so that I have recommended it to my classmates from the schools I attended in Broomfield… lifelong friends that I grew up with.  I also just ordered a copy and am having it sent to my brother who now lives in Maricopa, Arizona.

It is a wonderful book and is now among my most treasured possessions.

— Shelley Troy


I cried. I love it. The text is brilliant. I can tell you were a teacher. So many people write books for kids and miss. You hit the mark! And the illustrations! Amazing. You were wise to seek out the right person. She did a fabulous job.

I am so thrilled. And you included our depot. I just don’t know what to say but you better save at least 10 copies for me personally before you sell out!

— Jacqui Ainlay-Conley
Museum Administrator, City of Broomfield


This story is near and dear to my heart because I was raised in Broomfield, and I remember Shep. The author and illustrator skillfully bring Shep’s story to life in this sweet book. Now, children, parents, and grandparents everywhere can enjoy the memorable story about a stray dog that became a local celebrity thanks to the kind tollbooth workers that gave him a special home.

— Lisa Putnam
Author, Bad Basenji!


My kids and I just love this book.  It’s a simple and touching story, all the more powerful because it’s true. As dog lovers, it’s refreshing to find a good story all about a dog. The melodic style is great for new and old readers alike.

— Blair Miller


As an educational consultant who works with all of the schools and districts in Colorado and Wyoming for the last 14 years, I highly endorse Shep and believe it should be in the hands of every child. Thank you for writing such an inspiring children’s novel that the parents and teachers will also enjoy reading!

— Jill Netz-Fulkerson
Educational Consultant


My daughter, Morgan, is an enthusiastic fan! You really captured her with this story.

— Sandra Murphy


My son, Jamison heard about Shep and we plan to go and visit his grave. Thanks so much for writing the book and thanks to your illustrator as well.

— Debbie Talvitie


Bout time someone wrote a book about Shep. Kids need a story about loving an animal in need.

— Tricia Tomas


I just read about your book on Shep – really a moving story – thank you for writing it!

— Marc