Sample Pages

Take a sneak peek at some of the pages from my new book!

Advance Reviews

Shep is getting some great advance praise.

  • Anna Baker

    My Aunt loved the book!! She made it part of the summer reading program in her town.  They actually already had a day planned to bring in rescue dogs so the kiddos could learn about adopting vs buying from a breeder and they kicked it off with the reading of your book!

    - Anna Baker
  • Jill Netz-Fulkerson

    As an educational consultant who works with all of the schools and districts in Colorado and Wyoming for the last 14 years, I highly endorse Shep and believe it should be in the hands of every child. Thank you for writing such an inspiring children’s novel that the parents and teachers will also enjoy reading!

    - Jill Netz-Fulkerson
  • Jacqui Ainlay-Conley

    I cried. I love it. The text is brilliant. I can tell you were a teacher. So many people write books for kids and miss. You hit the mark! And the illustrations! Amazing. You were wise to seek out the right person. She did a fabulous job.

    - Jacqui Ainlay-Conley
  • Blair Gawthrop Miller

    My kids and I just love this book.  It’s a simple and touching story, all the more powerful because it’s true. As dog lovers, it’s refreshing to find a good story all about a dog. The melodic style is great for new and old readers alike.

    - Blair Gawthrop Miller

Shep the Turnpike Dog

Shep The Turnpike Dog, a new children’s book by Charlotte Havey, is based on the true story of the tollbooth mascot turned Broomfield legend who won the hearts of turnpike drivers in the 1950s and 60s. From his first appearance as a stray puppy at a tollbooth on the Denver-Boulder Turnpike, to the relocation of his remains to the Depot Museum nearly 60 years later, Shep’s story connects young readers with a special moment in history and the timeless bond between people and pets.